App identifies items in a photo ...Says the items over the speaker ... For the blind to hear what's in a photo

desktop_computer 56.2%
desk 33.5%
screen 2.9%
mouse 2.3%
notebook 0.9%
monitor 0.9%
laptop 0.8%
computer_keyboard 0.7%
printer 0.4%
television 0.3%
cab 49.3%
streetcar 18.4%
traffic_light 7.0%
prison 2.6%
minibus 2.6%
passenger_car 1.7%
trolleybus 1.3%
street_sign 1.2%
police_van 1.0%
ashcan 0.9%
microwave 55.5%
china_cabinet 18.2%
dishwasher 11.3%
toaster 6.1%
medicine_chest 2.0%
crock_pot 1.4%
plate_rack 1.3%
entertainment_center 1.3%
stove 0.5%
barbershop 0.3%

Select an image or take a picture with your phone - preferably in LANDSCAPE mode
1. Start by pushing the Choose File button
2. You can use your mobile camera to take a photo (LANDSCAPE mode !) - or select a JPG file from your device (No PNG files yet...)
3. Once the name/number of the photo or file appears near the "Choose File" button - click Submit and with good web connection, wait a couple of seconds
4. We save your photo ONLY for the time of analysis - usually less than 2 seconds. Then both the image and the sound file are deleted forever and ever
Next steps for development:
* Full sentences with verbs and adjectives like colors, texture, etc.
* Integrate with iPhone / Android OS
If you are an experienced mobile native app developer - iPhone and / or Android and would like to join me in this app further development ... please contact me

Hope this app will help someone out there in their terrible, unimaginable darkness
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